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Texas Cowboy and 44 others have joined the group Wrangler butts 17/05/2018

I love Wrangler because there not skinny jeans hate those. A man just looks so good in tight Wranglers. Love it when there bullring in front and back.

Country boylover and 3 others have liked Groups 27/02/2018

Looks like Wranglers so far are the preferred cowboy lovin jeans! This is a shot I took for the site...


It looks more attractive and better then any jeans

I prefer wearing 501s, but a good Wrangler could be hot for a man. I love used wranglers, dirty and a little torn on the knees and on back pockets. But you need a very hot ass for wearing perfect a pair of 501s and/or Wranglers.

Wranglers are a great way to upholster a nice, tight cowboy butt. They're smooth and let the subtleties of the ass show through nicely. Also, they hang well from the hips and... well, watching a guy walk away in a pair can be a real treat. I grew up with Levi's (west Texas) and that's what's I'm more into... but I've seen some primo backsides wearing Wrangler and would never kick a guy out of the pickup for wearing them. Randy / Austin

It's very hard to overlook some nice ass cheeks on a cowboy, that are framed in some proper tight-fittin' Wrangler jeans, eh? I've also always liked the extra-wide belt loops that will take a 2" wide thick leather belt, that will also complement the cowboy's heavy leather boots. For me, those Wranglers make me focus on that part of the cowboy's anatomy below the belt, whether it be from the front or the rear...

Wranglers do make a mans ass look good and to me they are one of the images of the real cowboy.

GCR-KingCowboy posted a new discussion15/08/2017

What turns you on about Wranglers?

What is it about Wranglers? You for sure need a good ass to fill Wranglers well as 501's will make any ass look good. What do you all like about Wranglers on a guy? and why Wranglers?

Wrangler butts

Hey, guys. Randy from Texas. Just found this site this afternoon. I'll upload one picture of a favorite Wrangler-covered ass (if I can figure out how to post it). - at Jana L. Byrd, LPC

Rudyinaustin Perfect ass, don't you think -- and I love the hat, too. 2 years ago
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PeruJeans i love your wrangler butt 2 years ago
Jockstrap927 LOVE hot Wrangler butts!!!!!! YUM!!!!! 2 years ago
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