Wranglers vs. Levi's...Battle of the Sexiest Cowboy Ass Featured

Jul 16 2015 Be the first to comment!
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Ok fellow cowboys, we know this debate is a popular one here on GayCowboyRanch.com. As for me, I'm an ass man so if there's anything that makes my head spin, it's a hot cowboy walking down the street in tight jeans. If you ask me what I prefer, that would be a tough question. Wrangler's or Levi's? They both have their strengths. Levi's 501 jeans with their trademark double arc pockets and red tabs are American classics. I just want to grab a tight bouncing 501 butt with both hands and never let go. Wranglers, however, are worn by true cowboys. The cowboy cut slim fits are my favorite. That iconic leather patch on the back pocket of a sexy plump rump makes me want to lick it all over. Can you see my dilemma here??  They both drive me wild. Where do you land? Share your thoughts with GCR or better yet - show us!

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