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Well fellow cowboys - we did it! has arrived. This site was created by two city cowboys who dream about life on the ranch. When we created this site our goal was to introduce an online community like no other where like-minded gay cowboys can let their cowboy flags fly, no matter what part of the world you live in. Meet other gay cowboys, post hot pics, and share everything you love about this lifestyle. Got a new pair of cowboy boots? Share it. Love how sexy your ass looks in your tight wranglers? Share it. Get a bulging cock from watching that new Luke Bryan video? You guessed it! Share that too.

Let's face it. Gay cowboys are EVERYWHERE! The Facebook page we started two years ago has fans from all corners of the globe - Brazil, Mexico, England, Italy and more. Ask yourself this - do you sit at your regular desk job fantasizing about a hot cowboy walking into your life and whisking you away on a cattle drive, Brokeback Mountain style? Do you search websites like Ebay, Boot Barn, and Sheplers looking for a sweet pair of Lucchese snip toe snakeskin cowboy boots while hiding your woody under your desk?  I know I do. encourages you to live that life out loud. Who cares what anyone else thinks. I wear tight jeans and boots every day because that's how I roll and you should too. When the weekend comes, I can't wait to go two-stepping at my favorite gay country bar like Oil Can Harry's, Charlie's, and Flaming Saddles. It's who I am. That's why my partner and I started this site - to share our experience with all the other gay cowboys out there.

Queens & Cowboys: A Straight Year on the Gay Rodeo

This award-winning doco is a crowd-pleasing feature about the not often explored world of gay rodeos. LGBT enthusiasts of the sport – who express the feeling of being unwelcome in the traditional macho rodeo circuit early on in the film – started their own International Gay Rodeo Association in 1985. Though interest has waned through the years, with the riders getting older and few young members signing up, they still compete with ferocity and delight, traveling around America.

It's the personalities that truly shine throughout this film - the protagonist is Wade Earp who travels thousands of miles every year competing in every heat imaginable, and there's also Char Duran, the perpetual underdog, who has been bull riding for 14 years with no wins in sight and time working against her to claim a buckle before she's aged out of the race. There's even the cocky Renier, a handsome winner with a sly remark always on hand. cipro

The IGRA is a comfort to these people with a passion for riding and nowhere else to do it competitively, and we're often reminded of the lingering homophobia at large in the occasional obscured faces of behind-the-scenes workers asking not to be shown on camera. Winner of Best Documentary and Audience Awards at Santa Barbara International Film Festival, this is a not-to-be-missed insight into a unique and inclusive world. Watch...

Gay Australian Cowboys

Two Australian men are being touted as a real-life version of the iconic cowboy couple seen in 2005's "Brokeback Mountain." Australia's SBS Network profiled Dan Smith and Miki Velickovski, a gay couple who are defying stereotypes by living and ranching in North Queensland, Australia. "The coming out process was a bit different because I couldn't see myself living with a partner on the land, and farming and associating with other farmers and be gay at the same time," the 34-year-old Smith, who became active on the rodeo circuit in his teens, said. That all changed, of course, when he met Velickovski, 32. The pair now lives together on a 155-acre beef cattle ranch. "I'm not going to go and say something gooey like it was love at first sight, but it was pretty close," Smith said. Watch... 


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