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Internet Cowboys... Cowboys playing with other cowboys

Here's a collection of some hot "cowboys playing with other cowboys"

WARNING! If you're into cowboys the images below will make you very hot and turned on ... "Horny"

Watch at your own pleasure!

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Palm Springs Hot Rodeo Round-Up

Hey Cowboys,

Where do I even begin...cowboys, cowboys, COWBOYS EVERYWHERE!! We had a blast at the Palm Springs Hot Rodeo this past weekend. My partner in crime, GCRKingCowboy, and I rolled into town on Friday night and and kicked our weekend off at local leather bar the Toolshed for their big rodeo party the place was packed with rugged cowboys in their 10 gallon hats. I wore tight 501's, a Levi's grey pearl snap shirt, and my awesome pointy-toe brown Justin boots. The music was on fire thanks to DJ Rick Dominguez, an amazing DJ and good friend of ours sinnottswexford. Talking up the site we made some awesome friends and signed up new member mascbritman (welcome!). Thank you Toolshed for a great night fueled by the best drink specials in town.

Saturday we geared up and hit the rodeo in nearby Banning, CA. What better place to show off our brand new 'official' GCR shirts and chat up potential new members. I paired the shirt with my tight worn-in wranglers and trusty dark brown deerskin Tony Lama's. Tasty wrangler asses were everywhere you looked. The action was packed as one sweaty rodeo cowboy after another competed in events like barrel racing, bull riding, and more. These rodeo cowboys kicked ass and put on a great show.

That night we partied at the Dancing Under the Stars rodeo party outside of the SpurLine bar in Palm Springs. I wore our new t-shirt with new light blue 501's and my sweet Justin Bent Rail snip-toe gray boots. The moon shined over a sea of sexy cowboys looking fine. We made more friends (shout outs to Vince, James, Clark, and Chad!) and introduced the site to hundreds of good lookin' cowboys. The country mixes were jumping (thanks again DJ Rick) and the LA Wranglers tore up the dance floor with a smokin' hot routine. This was one party not to be missed.

Thanks to all the contestants, organizers, and volunteers for pulling together a successful rodeo weekend! Can't wait until next year when GCR will be a proud sponsor and make an even bigger splash. I'll be dreaming about tight asses for a long time. Yee-haw!!


Wranglers vs. Levi's...Battle of the Sexiest Cowboy Ass

Ok fellow cowboys, we know this debate is a popular one here on As for me, I'm an ass man so if there's anything that makes my head spin, it's a hot cowboy walking down the street in tight jeans. If you ask me what I prefer, that would be a tough question. Wrangler's or Levi's? They both have their strengths. Levi's 501 jeans with their trademark double arc pockets and red tabs are American classics. I just want to grab a tight bouncing 501 butt with both hands and never let go. Wranglers, however, are worn by true cowboys. The cowboy cut slim fits are my favorite. That iconic leather patch on the back pocket of a sexy plump rump makes me want to lick it all over. Can you see my dilemma here??  They both drive me wild. Where do you land? Share your thoughts with GCR or better yet - show us!

Wrangler's or...




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Palm Springs Hot Rodeo Has Arrived!

Hey Y'All,

Rodeo season is in full swing as the Palm Springs Hot Rodeo rides in to town this Friday, May 1 through Sunday, May 2! I'll be there with my sexy partner GCRKingCowboy to cover all the action. Just imagine a sea of hot cowboys, sittin' back in the California sun watching other hot cowboys riding and roping in dusty tight-ass Wranglers - hot damn! We'll be there with our cameras to share on so stay tuned. I'm so excited I can't decide which boots to bring.. guess I'll have to load up the trunk and decide when I get there. Will you be joining the fun in person at the AC Dysart Equestrian Park in Banning, CA? Come find us wearing our new official t-shirts and say howdy. Be excited - it's what GCF is all about! YEEHAW!!


Keep 'Em Comin'!

Hey GCR Cowboys!

Thanks for the enthusiasm y'all have shown to We appreciate the great pics you have posted and hope you continue to post more. This is your chance to show off everything you love about dressing like, looking at, a just being a cowboy.

What is it about a cowboy that drives you nuts? For me it's the sexy shit kickin' boots, a tight wrangler butt on a dusty saddle, a smokin' hot cowboy who's an animal in the sack and likes it ROUGH (at least my cowboy does).  Tell us what you like or, better yet, show us!  Use your profile picture gallery to share your newest boots, your throbbing bulge, or even just a nice smile under a wide-brimmed stetson. And don't forget - there are no filters here. Show us as little or as much as you like. The success of this website depends on your involvement so be sure to not only post pics, but to invite friends, post comments, and sharing what's happening in your neck of the woods.

Here's a picture of me showing my boots off on the stairs. Enjoy!

Giddy up GCR Cowboys!




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